maandag 2 maart 2015


We're so proud to introduce you our new male blogmodel: Thomas. He's a close friend with amazing style. Spring is coming so he chose to wear a light jeans shirt combined with a beige pants. To top it off, he chose to wear an Oris-watch (the Greanwich mean time limited edition). This Swiss brand has a 110-years history of high quality watches. Metal is ideal to combine with different looks: from casual to uptie. The clothes are from the Sid collection @ Monique Stam ft Sid (Antwerp). Thomas is always wearing a big smile, that's why he's our best choice for our blog. What do you think of his first appearance? 

With a passion for independent watchmaking that spans over a 110-year history, Swiss watch manufacturer Oris is dedicated to creating quality timepieces that stand the test of time. The new Oris Greenwich Mean Time Limited Edition watch pays homage to a milestone moment in the history of 
timekeeping when time zones were introduced 130 years ago.


2 opmerkingen

  1. Echt super leuke foto's! Welcome to the new blogie boy :D
    New post on my blog, check it out!
    Love, Lima xoxo

  2. haha ! Leuk e ;)! Volgende keer jouw boy op de blog misschien? :-* x BIG HEART


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