vrijdag 17 april 2015


Juli dans Jewels is thé brand we like to present today. Headbands, necklaces, rings, bracelets,  earrings,... they are rockin' it! They have 7 lovely collections: the Star, the Scarabee, the Tricky, the Vienna, the Lundi, the Mardi and the Butterfly.  Lucky us we had a sneak peek on their new collection at the Matuvu press day. I'm obsessed with their headbands (see pictures below).. looked everywhere for a similar one, but never so beautiful! Hope you find your dream-piece at their webshop.

Spotted: the lovely blogger An-Katrien from teacupsanddresses with one of the headbands. 
Read more about the MATUVU press day on her blog (here).

By the way we tried the new refreshing drink FEMME BOOST at the event and home. A new energy drink made from 100% natural ingredients. An extra boost when you need it and with low calories. 


6 opmerkingen

  1. This was a cool way to showcase the jewelry for spring

  2. Die haarbanden zijn echt super als je er mee weg kan. Duidelijk geen probleem voor Ann-Katrien :D En hoe was het drankje? Normaal geen fan van energy drinks omdat ze vol zitten met 'brol'. Maar natuurlijke ingrediënten klinkt al iets gezonder :p

    x Aurélie

  3. Looks like such a fun event! And you took some pretty photos.


  4. Die hebben altijd zo veel mooie dingen!

    Bisous, Shannen x (coeurbelgique.blogspot.be)


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