woensdag 27 mei 2015


Let me introduce you to my own new place. Got this apartment a few months ago and I totally love it... just because it's mine. I made this picture wall with some frames I found.. and some pictures of my friends and of course the page of me and Leila from our favorite magazine Flair Belgium. When I come home from work (teaching) or the day after partying (mostly at La Gare27 Antwerp) I just want to lay down relax. Therefore I chose my new 'Skiny' playsuit from the lounge collection (link) ... the best materials and look at those socks, can it be more me? Also I have to tell you about my new glasses from Silhouette eyewear. I will definitely do another blogpost about that, but check out the Silhouette eyewear site (here): they have the lightest designs ever! My design is called SPX illusion. Try your own eyewear on their site with their photo 'app': so easy. Hope you like my house and my lounge wear. These pictures are made after a night out with my co-blogger Leila, we had so much fun!


maandag 25 mei 2015


A trench coat is a must have in your wardrobe, at least in beige and black. (SCROLL DOWN FOR DUTCH)  If you can buy also a white one.. and than collect them in every color of the rainbow. They are perfect for Belgium: a European country where rain is never far away. The latest trend is jumpsuits: most of the boys don't like it.. but we do! I found one in black and white, easy to combine. To add more color to this spring look: red pumps and accessories. I chose pumps because with my curves the jump suit screames for high heels.  Hope you like this colorful look. 


Een trenchoat is een must-have in je garderobe: zeker in beige en zwart. Daarna kan je ook een witte overwegen of verzameling starten in elke kleur. Ik koos hier voor een groen exemplaar. Trenchies zijn perfect voor ons regenachtige België. De allerlaatste trend is natuurlijk jumpsuits! Niet gepast voor elk figuur, daarom draag ik hier pumps om het meer vorm te geven. Wit-zwart is makkelijk te combineren, dus koos ik ook voor rode hakken (why not). Hopelijk vinden jullie deze lente-look de moeite, laat iets weten!


vrijdag 22 mei 2015


Fit is the new skinny they say... so I started from scratch with running. I did my homework and found some running tips: (SCROLL DOWN FOR DUTCH)
  • set a goal
  • follow a plan (like start to run), so you'll know what to do  
  • find your style: running in a group, alone, with a run buddy / at the fitness, at home, in nature
  • find the right gear: shoes (on my picture obviously Nike) and a decent outfit (Bjorn Borg here) .. oh yeah don't your good running socks!
  • Listen to your body: learn the difference between an ache and a pain (see if the shoes are right, and don't overdo it!)
So now it's up to you, have you started recently? What's your running style? Do you have some other tips that can help me? Let me know.

By the way my Björn Borg outfit is so comfortable to run with.. Ooh yeah, feeling light as a feather. My Nike shoes are still hurting after 2 weeks... got some tips for that?

Sorry for the rainy photos... that's just Belgium.

Fit zijn is dé nieuwste trend wordt wel eens gezegd. Als trendwatchers kunnen we niet anders dan volgen.. trouwens wat heb ik te verliezen?! Ik heb mijn huiswerk gedaan en enkele running-tips gevonden:

  • een duidelijk doel opstellen en dat ook behalen (4 km,..)
  • zorg voor structuur en een plan: zoals start to run! zo weet je wat je moet doen. Er zijn ook trouwens leuke Engelstalige podcasts. 
  • kies je eigen loopstijl: gezellig in de natuur, met een groep, een loop-buddy, op de hometrainer,.. 
  • ga voor goed materiaal. Soms stop ik bijvoorbeeld omdat mijn broek afzakt ofzo,.. nu heb ik geïnvesteerd in degelijk materiaal: Nike shoes en ondertussen ook een Björn Borg outfit. 
  • overdrijf niet en luister naar je lichaam: genoeg is genoeg
Mijn Björn borg outfit zit trouwens ZA LIG. Klik hier voor meer interessant sporty fashion: (link)
Hebben jullie nog ideeën? Hoe kan ik het lopen toch volhouden? Pls comment.


woensdag 20 mei 2015


Colors, colors, colors... That's all a girl like me needs on a sunny day! And I have to admit: I'm totaly in love with this cute, color splashing, strapless top! I combined it with a fabulous statement necklace, big earrings and some grey jeans to edgy it up. 

Top is from Trafic people, I found it @ Passe Partout in Herentals.


dinsdag 19 mei 2015


On a lazy sunday I got invited to the lovely home of Amylia (Cookameal) and the amazing DJ Dimitri Wouters. Not only can they party like animals.. the beautiful girl with sexy glasses can amaze you with her cooking skills. I'm following Cookameal almost a year now and I am always drooling over her insta/blog food pics and I wondered: how would that taste? (S C R O L L    D O W N    F O R    D U T C H )
Well.. I can guarantee you, it's even better than it looks (if that's even possible). She presented her 'meals' so wonderful, like with her table setting (Salt and Pepper and Mistral home got something to do with that... but stt!)
To top it all off.. she invited (no kidding) a few of my favo Belgian A-list bloggers too: An-Katrien (Teacupsanddresses), Yentl (Bubbletrouble), Aurélie (Lovelifelovefashion) and the crazy Eline (Yourddofme)... say what? and I'm invited too... common'?! who am I to say no to that! And I enjoyed every spoiled moment. So Amylia, thank you for making me feel welcome at your lovely home, for making me feel part of your life.. and for making your food part of mine ;). I promise to follow your foodblog to the core, and to try to cook some meals when I'm going to live with my boy in August!

Check out her blog for the recipies:
limoncello, prosecco, mint and rasberries 
tartare of tomato and strawberry
bruschetta with tomato cottage cheese 
bruschetta with pea & mint
spinach pesto
asparagus salad with a hazelnut & dressing
eggplant salad 

 chocolate pie 
banoffee pie filled with bananas and caramel

my fav: the tartare of tomato and strawberry 

Op een heerlijke luie zondag werd ik uitgenodigd @ Amylia en de awesome DJ Dimitri Wouters (check out his soundcloud). Wel ik wist al dat deze mensen konden feesten... maar damn, de vrouw des huizes kan ook ongelofelijk lekker koken. Ik volg Amylia al een tijdje (vooral op twitter, instagram en haar geweldige foodblog) en ik vroeg mij wel eens af hoe de gerechten zouden proeven... ziet het er wel niet gewoon lekkerder uit dan het smaakt? Wel.. Amylia heeft ons echt in de watten gelegd met verschillende gerechten en ze waren stuk voor stuk over-heerlijk. Hoewel ik zelf geen overdreven kooktalent ben (ahum, laten we het ons zo verwoorden) ben ik best kritisch. Cookameal werkt met pure smaken/ingrediënten en de blog staat volgens mij niet alleen voor lekkere gerechten, maar kan dus daarenboven echt wel bijdragen aan een gezonde levensstijl. Daarom beloof ik hier plechtig om de gerechten binnenkort te maken (zeker als ik binnenkort ga samenwonen). Cookameal (Amylia), bedankt om mij (en de andere bloggers Teacupsanddresses, LoveLifeLoveFashion, Bubbletrouble (Yentl) en YourDDofme) zo hard in de watten te leggen, bedankt om ons zo welkom te laten voelen in jullie thuis en bedankt om me te laten proeven van al dat lekkers. Cheers girl!

De Ned/Bel lezers moeten gewoon zeker de blog uitchecken: cookameal.be voor de gerechten van deze gezellige dag.

Of course drinks are served @ Amylia and Dimitri Wouters 

Infused water - a healthy lifestyle 


maandag 18 mei 2015


Had my first Lagoen.nl experience last week by designing this bikini for Esther and now he already arrived. (So this will be a suprise for her.) You know the girl really need pink in her life (they created this color for E.;) ). I thought it would be a good idea to mix it up with my fav color turquoise. This summer it's all about mixing up colors and paterns. With Lagoen you can create your own style by choosing your beads and bows (like these blue ones I added).
This will be perfect with the Juli dans Juli jewels and the new trend: flash tatoos (you can find perfect ones @ zomerinkt.be (we ordered the 'Camille'). Can't wait to start the summer with our new gear: drinking cocktails, dancing on tables and enjoying life with my friends.. and of course with the most fashionable: Esther! Hope you like it.



Boho-chic is the style with various bohemian and even hippie influences (think: Sienna Miller and Kate Moss). Looking for a great festival / street look? Have a look @ Esprit.com . This is our choice from the Esprit collection. Hope you like it!


We kunnen er niet omheen: BOHO is dé stijl van SS15 en ook Esprit is fan. Ideaal voor je festival- & street looks. Dit is onze keuze van de collectie. Wat vind jij ervan? Let the summer begin!


zondag 17 mei 2015


At the moment I'm having a lazy Sunday @ the parents place of my boyfriend. Drinking tea,  reading a newspaper and being lazy at the pool are my activities today. My outfit from Skiny Bodywear is perfect for this: high comfort and fun to wear. Always have been a huge stripe fan so I am so happy with the short shorts (although my legs aren't the highest and fittest). Enjoying life: that's what it's all about so the t-shirt suits the occasion.  You can find it at the 'skinny body wear lounge wear collection': the relax and yoga styles. Skiny creates fit and high-quality materials that make you feel good about yourself at all times (even in short shorts) and they have a sleep and swim collection too.

It's the last day of the extra long weekend, and I'm ashamed to admit it, but my batteries are still low. The long weekend just made me realize how I miss vacation even more... but it's coming soon. So maybe it's time to do some planning. Do you have some awesome travel ideas?


maandag 11 mei 2015


We know this brand for ages, 'Yves Rocher' is a must in our beauty stash. The products are decent and loyal, a brand we can trust. Here you can see my collection: the Kayal, Shampoo, Pure Camille and to top it of... tree shades of nail polish. If I were to wear only one makeup product before leaving home... I'd surely choose wearing a kajal (or kohl in arabic). 'Eyes speak louder than words'... so they should always be accentuated, right? Kajal pencils are creamy and soft, so it can be used in the eyes too. I'm such a fan of the colors.. perfect for Spring and Summer.  Yves Rocher is doing it right.. the colors are intense and the products are natural. That's why we  l o v e  it. What do you think about Yves Rocher? Are you using something already? Did you ever used Kohl/Kajal before? 

My favorite? The 'PURE CAMILLE' made my skin soft again. 

 Going 'loco' for these Kajals.. love the oriental classics: natural, intense and easy to use.


woensdag 6 mei 2015


When we first saw the bracelet from the RubZ we immediately knew it... that's what we want for our blog. One year ago we started 'Leopardandlipstick' with the intention to show the world that fashion and beauty isn't dead in Belgium. Now we use this blog as a place to be ourselves and to share a part of our life. We want to thank you with a lovely leopard-bracelet from the RubZ. It's so easy to wear and to combine with all your favorite fashion pieces. You can find it here (link to the shop). The RubZ is one of the hottest fashion items in the US, Canada and the Middle East... and it's now taking over Europe. 

Want this leopard bracelet? This is what you have to do:
1. Follow us on fb: www.facebook.com/leopardandlipstick
2. Follow the RubZ on fb: www.facebook.com/therubzbelgium

Done? Let us know here, or on our leopardandlipstick fb-page  (under the RubZ pic).

(3.) Want extra chances? Tag @ your 3 favorite friends bellow our instagram pic from the RubZ.
liliroxx   /   estherlmb  



Time for action! Some of you already know that my wonderful boyfriend is a skater. When he introduced me to longboarding I was immediately hooked. Got to admit though I'm not the best, I'm not always feeling safe yet on the rollin' beast. Evy (Evyvanhoof.be) just wanted to try it, so we met up @ "Park Spoor Noord" the hangout place for skaters (like real pro's). To make a long story short.. we didn't fell on our noses and we had the best time. Shots by Evy and me (and an unknown man who was passing by).


dinsdag 5 mei 2015


It's always a great honor to be invited to the press days in Belgium. It's all about the fall/winter collection for clothing and accessories fall/winter 2015. That's why we were invited to join the press days a week ago. Sharing all this beauty is our way to say thanks to the wonderful pr-agencies (in this case: Media Mania). Thanks for having us, thanks for giving us a chance to be part of this world and to share with our followers. Now were are more up to date, hope you like what you see and you'll get inspired like we did. Let's take a closer look. 

 So in love with the pineapple bag! 

Replay's collection is so strong. It has all the aspects we love in fashion: quality and flair. No more words needed. 


La Pomme de Loveley only gets better with their collections. The materials and metallic colors are to die for. 

 Stephanie from (stephanista.com) and Aurélie from (lovelifelovefashion.com)

Esprit is rockin' with their bohemian, comfortable and beautiful clothes. 

Noosa - Amsterdam

My sweet friend and one of the best bloggers in town: Lima with her amazing new Adidas shoes.  

One of my favo bloggers: An-Katrien from Teacupsanddresses was my press day buddy. 

 And me ;),


maandag 4 mei 2015


Pink is my all time favorite color, that's not a secret! 
So thats why I completely fell in love with this fabulous coat when I saw it hanging all by itself at the store. I combined it with a black and white printed pants, a loose black T-shirt, some black pumps and lot-a-love! 

You can find all these items at the Passe Partout store in Herentals.
I totally love this outfit, tell me what you think!

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