zondag 17 mei 2015


At the moment I'm having a lazy Sunday @ the parents place of my boyfriend. Drinking tea,  reading a newspaper and being lazy at the pool are my activities today. My outfit from Skiny Bodywear is perfect for this: high comfort and fun to wear. Always have been a huge stripe fan so I am so happy with the short shorts (although my legs aren't the highest and fittest). Enjoying life: that's what it's all about so the t-shirt suits the occasion.  You can find it at the 'skinny body wear lounge wear collection': the relax and yoga styles. Skiny creates fit and high-quality materials that make you feel good about yourself at all times (even in short shorts) and they have a sleep and swim collection too.

It's the last day of the extra long weekend, and I'm ashamed to admit it, but my batteries are still low. The long weekend just made me realize how I miss vacation even more... but it's coming soon. So maybe it's time to do some planning. Do you have some awesome travel ideas?



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