woensdag 27 mei 2015


Let me introduce you to my own new place. Got this apartment a few months ago and I totally love it... just because it's mine. I made this picture wall with some frames I found.. and some pictures of my friends and of course the page of me and Leila from our favorite magazine Flair Belgium. When I come home from work (teaching) or the day after partying (mostly at La Gare27 Antwerp) I just want to lay down relax. Therefore I chose my new 'Skiny' playsuit from the lounge collection (link) ... the best materials and look at those socks, can it be more me? Also I have to tell you about my new glasses from Silhouette eyewear. I will definitely do another blogpost about that, but check out the Silhouette eyewear site (here): they have the lightest designs ever! My design is called SPX illusion. Try your own eyewear on their site with their photo 'app': so easy. Hope you like my house and my lounge wear. These pictures are made after a night out with my co-blogger Leila, we had so much fun!

bracelet: Nomination


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