zondag 14 juni 2015

Essentiel x Inge Cornil

Last week I saw a preview of the pre-collection of Belgian (oh so proud!) Essentiel. The collection is a mix of the greatest hits of Essentiel combined with new materials and models. Eye catchers : the skirt, the dress and the bull dog print. For this print Essentiel was inspired by the artist from Antwerp (yes again proud) Inge Cornil. So we could see the art from the series 'Dripping into Reflection' and 'Sweet Roughness'. I think art and fashion is a perfect combination.. they bring the best out in each other. The people were so fashionable and there was a great vibe. Still I got to admit that this is kind of new for me and I was a bit overwhelmed (hello, it was Essentiel), so I was more at ease when I saw some familiar and kind faces. Oh yeah we did a few Essentiel looks last year..  maybe a good idea to check them out too: here

Blogster: Charlotte from www.aliceroxy.com 

Sweet Eline Reynders: her blog here


2 opmerkingen

  1. Wat een leuke en vrolijke collectie!

  2. Wowie, ik heb al heel wat knappe kledingstukken gespot die zeker op mijn verlanglijstje zullen staan komende herfst! xxx


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