dinsdag 16 juni 2015


When I went to Maastricht with my mom and sister, there had to be a fotoshoot moment to caption this fabulous vest! I got it from the Fashion Market (www.thefashionmarket.eu) and with fabulous weather like this, it's so much fun to wear! The colors also suit me a 100 %, pink combinated with blue and green in a nice pattern, what more can a girl ask for?

Maastricht, by the way, was so nice! We had lots of qualitytime and did - off course - LOTS of shopping! ;-) I bought some very pretty pieces, which you guys absolutely will be seeing on the blog soon! We stayed at Hotel Dis (http://www.hoteldis.nl/), which I can highly recommend. The owners combinated a modern design with lots of rustic and arty elements. All af this gave it such a cosy atmosphere and another advantage: the hotel lays about 5 minutes walking from the center. So if you go to Maastricht, Hotel Dis is the place to be!


2 opmerkingen

  1. oooeh hele leuke outfit!
    die kimono is leuk


  2. Oh super leuke vest zeg! Met die fringes is hij helemaal af :D En Maastricht is zo'n leuke stad hé!

    M. - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows


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