donderdag 27 augustus 2015


Sharing my thoughts today about the latest Scholl Velvet Smooth express pedi.  It's an electronic foot file and pretty 'idiot-proof': just switch it on by rotating the silver ring and DONE, press the scrubbing head gently to areas where you want to remove dead skin and calluses (like on the heels). If you press it too hard the gadget will come to a stop. 
The result: It really does help remove the dead skin and it works way better than a manual one (honestly). The progress only took 10 minutes!  Fast and with results, just the way I like it, and no I'm not sponsered. 
You can find it @ Kruidvat or online (here). 


1 opmerking

  1. Deze wil ik ook nog kopen. Ik heb zelf wel de Kruidvat versie


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