dinsdag 29 september 2015


We are totally fan of the Colourful Rebel (link here), better known as the brand with 'BOEF' (dutch word for 'thief') or 'REBEL' on the sweaters..  This rebellious brand from Amsterdam has even more to offer: like this amazing CACTUS sweater, come on don't you love it? Also great to know is that they started with the blog (you can find here) and we all love bloggers right?! They will have a new collection in October 2015 (so soon!) and we are excited to hear that the line will be LARGER than before. New designs and prints are coming up and also underwear and even JACKS (bomber jacks..) The line has a New York vibe (you will see that on the new pictures on their site). Now we can go crazy because they offer everybody a 40% discount till then. SHOP HERE (link)

woensdag 23 september 2015


When in Belgium, you definitely have to visit the University city Leuven. The old narrow streets give a cozy atmosphere and you will sure feel at home. I really felt home at the ZIN store, in centre of Leuven. The store only has quality pieces and you sure can see the difference with the big brands: eye for details. The store let me chose a sweater that I will show you later, and I'm feeling so spoiled: the material is so soft... I'm not used to this luxury. We have to choose more for these quality minimalistic pieces, it's an investment. Sure I will always be a bohemian girl, but with the right accessories you can make each outfit more you. Thank you ZIN for having me, hope you like the pictures. Let me know if you're inspired too. 

maandag 21 september 2015


Black and white is always a win, but who can do it better than ADIDAS? I'm wearing this look in the warm country Croatia, that's why I chose my jeans overalls to match. Now in Belgium (with the weather) I would wear probably longer overalls or just a simple jeans. This truckers cap is from my previous Surf trip to Moliets with the organisation Surfblend. Of course you see my number one travel mates: my black flatforms from Teva's. Croatia was so beautiful, I really enjoyed the trip I had with coblogger Esther. More Croatia looks from her are comming up. 

dinsdag 15 september 2015


You allready knew that I love my yellow sandals from New Look, but I totally loved combining them with this purple blouse -- also from New Look. Because both colors are pastelish, I though it would be fun to put them together in one look. To complete this outit, I wore some gorgeous and very colorfull earrings from H&M. 

Summer's almost over, but that doesn't mean that the sun has allready left our little country. Therefor I could still wear my KOMONO sunnies. Last but not least, I found the most comfortable jeans in the world: HYPERFLEX from Replay. It feels like you're wearing a legging, but it's actually a jeans. How fab is that?! 

Hopefully you guys also like this simple, colorfull look as much as I do!

donderdag 10 september 2015


Today I will show you my new glasses from SILHOUETTE EYEWEAR. The first time I got in contact with Silhouette was with the press days, I tried one of their sunglasses and was so amazed with the frames. The frames from Silhouette are much thinner, therefore really (!) lightweight. This of course goes with the brands philosophy and it is what they do best. They may seem delicate but I can assure you they are extremely durable. I found this glasses on their webshop, and it was really easy to try one on...digitally! I used a picture to choose the model and color (here): THE SPX ILLUSION FULLRIM.  This blogpost is just the proof that highly comfort and fashion goes hand in hand. I chose for a brown frame with a vintage tough (with the spots). What do you guys find of my new glasses? Do you like me better with or without glasses? Did you knew about the lightweight glasses from Silhouette? Let me know. 


woensdag 9 september 2015


Yesterday we were invited with other Belgian bloggers to join the exhibition 'Footprint' in MoMu (Antwerp), it tells the story of inspirational fashion shoes of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. We were honored to see the long-term loan to MoMu from shoe collectors Geert Bruloot and Eddy Michiels. We were suprised to see iconic work by Prada, Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Chrisian Louboutin, Balenciaga, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, ... and many more. This is the first time that we were so close to  designer pieces of these icons, such an inspiration. The exhibition took us back in time to give us a lesson about shoe fashion. It's no secret that fashion repeats itself, so it's so essential to know were it all started. 


dinsdag 8 september 2015


Making a flashback to a gorgeous summer with this look! My favorite ZARA playsuit combined with AVANCE high heels, so classy but yet so different. 
I looked such a long time to find the perfect playsuit which suits my female shapes the best and I totally found it at ZARA. This black playsuit is very comfy and so fun to wear! 
When you want to edgy up your look, you're in need of these fabulous black heels from AVANCE. I also like to wear them with a pare of ripped jeans and a basic T-shirt... These shoes will pimp your look completely! 

vrijdag 4 september 2015


Whoop, last night Levi's toasted the debut of his new women's denim collection: THE LOT 700 series. Created to flatter, hold and lift the body. Best part? We were invited @ The Pony Club in Antwerp and we got the chance to meet the six ambassadors:
Sylvie Kreusch, Layna Vancauteren, Moora Vander Veken, Isolde Van Den Bulcke, Hiske Van Den Wouwer and Marie-France Vodikulwakidi. Six ambassadors for six body shapes.

Left: Moora wearing the 711 skinny
Right: Isolde (singer from Siam) with the 721 high rise skinny

Left: Layna (stylist/ model): the 712 Slim
Right: Marie-France (MTV): 710 Super Skiny 

Left Sylvie (singer Soldier's heart) is wearing the 714 Straight
Hiske (founder The Pony Club): 715 bootcut

All styles features larger back pockets to highlight and also loads of stretch. The 710 Super Skinny for example has 50% to 90% stretch in every pair, so they are super comfortable. 

Thanks OONA and LEVIS for the wonderful event. 

Me and bae blogger Charlotte (from www.aliceroxy.com)


woensdag 2 september 2015


The lovely people who are following me on Instagram (liliroxx) know that Esther and me were in CROATIA a few weeks ago. We went to a small town near Split and the Krka waterfall. It was an ama-zing experience and we sure can say that Croatia is one of our favorite places with his palmtrees, blue water and delicious food. Of course I had to pack my favorite dress from the O'Neill Fall collection: The Anna Sui Elise Dress. This collection (Anna Sui) was truly inspired by the light of the moon, with beautifully hand crafted touches (check it out here). My hat is from 'THE SHOP' (here) of Antwerp, my favorite travel compagnon. FLIP FLOPS of course.. my leopard Havaianas.

Dress: O'Neill
Hat: The Shop
Flip flops: Havainanas
Glasses: Dolce and Gabana
Sweater: Esprit


dinsdag 1 september 2015


Wished summer was still here... Another throwback to the beautiful Croatia with this fabulous ESPRIT blouse! I though it was perfect to wear on our little trip! It was comfy and so stylish at the same time. The pretty little pearls really made the difference in my opinion. 

I combined it with a simple ripped jeans short, some SASHA sandals, DOLCE & GABBANA sunnies, H&M golden earcandy and a gorgeous HEMA bracelet. Oh... and of course, the this super magnificent view!

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