donderdag 10 september 2015


Today I will show you my new glasses from SILHOUETTE EYEWEAR. The first time I got in contact with Silhouette was with the press days, I tried one of their sunglasses and was so amazed with the frames. The frames from Silhouette are much thinner, therefore really (!) lightweight. This of course goes with the brands philosophy and it is what they do best. They may seem delicate but I can assure you they are extremely durable. I found this glasses on their webshop, and it was really easy to try one on...digitally! I used a picture to choose the model and color (here): THE SPX ILLUSION FULLRIM.  This blogpost is just the proof that highly comfort and fashion goes hand in hand. I chose for a brown frame with a vintage tough (with the spots). What do you guys find of my new glasses? Do you like me better with or without glasses? Did you knew about the lightweight glasses from Silhouette? Let me know. 


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