maandag 5 oktober 2015


Last week I met my sweet friend for some after work Cointreau drinks in bar Berlin (Antwerp ;)). The weather has been so nice during the day, but at night when the fog rolls, it gets really chilly so I usally grab my leather jacket to throw over whatever I'm wearing. This outfit is filled with some of my must-have wardrobe staples and pieces I reach for again and again a striped tee, leather jacket, Hyperflex skinny jeans (best jeans EVER) and red lipstick. 

Most of the pieces are from this season. 
Leather jacket: Replay (here)
Shirt: Esprit  (here)
Heals: Avance (here)
Purse: Replay(here)
Jeans: Hyperflex jeans (here)


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