maandag 28 december 2015


In Kessel (place in the Belgian village where I live) there is a wonderful place to walk. I just love it because it's the perfect mix between sea sand and forest. For this little walk  I chose my newest lover: a red cape with fringes. Found this pretty 'coat' at LA DIVA in Mortsel (Belgium) for the Antwerplovers. Got the cutest shoes to match the red riding hood look: wolf shoes. Though it was alright to chose a playful accent, if you just don't overdo it.. right? Not everyone is a big fan, so let  me know what you think. My opinion: wear what you like. 

zondag 27 december 2015


BAM!  As promised: a new party dress I liked from the vintage/retro shop 'Passe Partout'. Totally love the peacock detail (not the first dress I showed with this print). Gold is always a good idea for New Year's eve or another big party. This dress has a 'Little party never killed nobody' attitude (from the Great Gatsby) and that's why I chose the headband to glam it up. The shoes are my favorite, you must know that they are from Avance (still available now guys). 


donderdag 24 december 2015


Hope your Christmas was full of love. I'm so  lucky with my cute little family so we organized Christmas eve at our new place to celebrate it. We had the party upstairs (there is our dinning space) and it wasn't all that simple. The most important thing was that my dad visited our place for the first time since we moved here in August. He's in a wheelchair so I'm so happy that he finally got to see our living space. That was the best X-mas present I could ever imagine. I lost all of  my grandparents but there is an older couple that we can always count on. They were here too and I thought it would be perfect to give them the lovely PIPER HEIDSIECK bottle as a gift. Jean really was surprised with this luxurious bottle and how amazing it was represented in the beautiful red bag (with gold on the inside). PIPER-HEIDSIECK Cuvée Brut is a lovely classic Champagne and is known for years to be one of the bests (the Heidsieck house is from 1785). Maybe a good idea for New year's eve? 
We had a lovely time, let us know what you think about our home. 

dinsdag 22 december 2015


What a hot winter we got this year man, X-mas is coming and it's 13 degrees outside (in Belgium). Still I thought it was lovely to shoot this furry coat from Passe Partout Herentals (again that lovely store with retro items), it's winter after all right? The coat has an ombre effect: white to black (yes ombre is still a good idea). The fur isn't real, that my friends I find also important. There are enough alternatives to real fur that I find it almost absurd to buy the real versions. Maybe second hand from your grand mothers closet is quiet allright I think. In my opinion killing animals for coats is unneccesairy ... let me think of Cruela Devil a bit... and we all hear DEVIL in that right ;), no bad joke...just talking about my own choices I don't judging anyone at all!  If you're more interested in vegan fashion you should definetly check out the blog CESTLISSA, this girl is a Belgian vegan girl with a great taste in fashion. I'm not a vegan but I got a big respect for vegans and vegaterians (like my best friend Yamuna) 'cause they do make a change. They make us think twice about our food and clothing choices... not that I make always the best ones. But it matters that you just try sometimes. 


zondag 13 december 2015


Okay I got to admit I'm not totally in the X-mas mood. Always been a SPRING/SUMMER girl so when I saw these pieces at the cutest shop ever: Louise (webshop here) I instantly knew that I wanted to wear this from the shop. For the time of the year it's not cold at all so I tough this was a great choice to wear this for an event. The cropped top is totally winter with the knit design, but the rest...sorry but I was in a desperate need for a bit of a Spring feeling. HOW COOL is that purse btw? So definitely go to the Louise shop (now on-line, in Herentals or the pop-up in Antwerp, Nationalestraat) and go for these items...  you can wear it in Spring/Summer too ;). 


Got to admit that a pants from 'FREDDY PANT ROOM' was on my wish list for ages. For girls with a well-shaped figured (a-hum) like me I was in a desperate need of pants that would lift my butt. Cause that's what FPR has created: the WR.UP technology. It's like a push up but for your butt.. what the hell does that have to do with sports? Well the pants 'stick' to your body and gives a high comfort. And that my friends, we sure know now. We were invited to a 'CROSS FIT ANTWERP' event to try it out: rope skipping, push ups, running,... it all worked out well: everything stayed in place. And I though we looked more than okay in these sport pants. For curved women it's not easy to sport, mostly I have to lift my pants up all the time. These one did it job perfectly and it sucked it all in ;). Not convinced yet? Just try it yourself in the Freddy pant room in ANTWERP: Nationalestraat or go and see their webshop (here).  Oh yeah... I'm a big fan of their jeans collection, check that out too and you'll be amazed. By the way.. CROSS fit is a hell of a job :o, just when I tought my condition was better.. but Esther was really good at it. I just have to work more on my strength. It was a good experience tough and coach was super. 

woensdag 9 december 2015


PURR-fect, that's what I tought when I saw this awesome shirt from LOUISE (shop). A clean white shirt with a sweet little cat detail. This rather chic look I combined with a MOSCHINO blazer and that's the first time I found a great look to pull it off. If you got some ideas for the blazer, just shoot! Shoes are from the Portugese 'Sofwaves'... just an easy brand to wear and don't you just love burgundy? For my Belgian visitors... more about the shop LOUISE. The shop is located in Herentals (Zandstraat, Belgium) and they also got a webshop. Now they are also located in ANTWERP (Nationalestraat). The shop is so cozy and girly... and I think I'm going to visit it more often in the future. 


zondag 6 december 2015


The most wonderful time of the year.. and always the same question: what to wear for the festives? I'm so lucky to have a store nearby (Passe Partout Herentals) with A LOT of pretty dresses and mostly a bit retro inspired (perfect for each figure). It's okay to go retro if you give it a touch from now (like here the shoes).  I just can't believe again that time flew by so quickly.. almost time for 2016. The next days I will show you some other dresses from the shop, let me know what you think about this one. 

(For the Belgian vistors: scroll down for Pass Partout's address)

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