dinsdag 22 december 2015


What a hot winter we got this year man, X-mas is coming and it's 13 degrees outside (in Belgium). Still I thought it was lovely to shoot this furry coat from Passe Partout Herentals (again that lovely store with retro items), it's winter after all right? The coat has an ombre effect: white to black (yes ombre is still a good idea). The fur isn't real, that my friends I find also important. There are enough alternatives to real fur that I find it almost absurd to buy the real versions. Maybe second hand from your grand mothers closet is quiet allright I think. In my opinion killing animals for coats is unneccesairy ... let me think of Cruela Devil a bit... and we all hear DEVIL in that right ;), no bad joke...just talking about my own choices I don't judging anyone at all!  If you're more interested in vegan fashion you should definetly check out the blog CESTLISSA, this girl is a Belgian vegan girl with a great taste in fashion. I'm not a vegan but I got a big respect for vegans and vegaterians (like my best friend Yamuna) 'cause they do make a change. They make us think twice about our food and clothing choices... not that I make always the best ones. But it matters that you just try sometimes. 

Clothes with links: 
Faux Fur Coat: Yumi outerwear (store Passe Partout Herentals)
Bag: store La Diva Mortsel


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