zondag 13 december 2015


Got to admit that a pants from 'FREDDY PANT ROOM' was on my wish list for ages. For girls with a well-shaped figured (a-hum) like me I was in a desperate need of pants that would lift my butt. Cause that's what FPR has created: the WR.UP technology. It's like a push up but for your butt.. what the hell does that have to do with sports? Well the pants 'stick' to your body and gives a high comfort. And that my friends, we sure know now. We were invited to a 'CROSS FIT ANTWERP' event to try it out: rope skipping, push ups, running,... it all worked out well: everything stayed in place. And I though we looked more than okay in these sport pants. For curved women it's not easy to sport, mostly I have to lift my pants up all the time. These one did it job perfectly and it sucked it all in ;). Not convinced yet? Just try it yourself in the Freddy pant room in ANTWERP: Nationalestraat or go and see their webshop (here).  Oh yeah... I'm a big fan of their jeans collection, check that out too and you'll be amazed. By the way.. CROSS fit is a hell of a job :o, just when I tought my condition was better.. but Esther was really good at it. I just have to work more on my strength. It was a good experience tough and coach was super. 

 Blogger Anouk (Anoukmeetsfashion.com

 I'm wearing my Reebok's whoohoo! 

Perfect and sweet Julie from 'Acausethebrunettes.com

We had a wonderful and healthy bloggermeal too, next to me from Belmodo.be 


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