maandag 24 oktober 2016


The weather is cold, but my heart is still dreaming of palmtrees and fun stuff so why not a pink playfull outfit. Love the way a pastel outfit works with white shoes (here from Reebok) and other black/white accents like this YES/NO purse.  I'm totally a fan of pencil skirts, especially now in Fall/Winter, you can get it all the colors and create your own style. If you're interested in getting some: has an amazing choice (and no I'm not sponsored for this brand). Let me know what you think about this look! And scroll down for the details.

vrijdag 21 oktober 2016


(Scroll down for English.)
Over een aantal weken kunnen we weer genieten van de witte pistes, blauwe lucht, warme drankjes, schnitzel, schnapps,... Heerlijk en met een goede tas kan de wintersportvakantie nog beter van start gaan. Van Duifhuizen tassen & koffers ( tassen en koffers mocht ik een reistas uitzoeken om te reviewen. Met de winter in aantocht dacht ik aan een handige Eastpak wieltas. Het is een vakantie waar je natuurlijk heel wat meezeult en daarom dacht ik aan een zak waarmee je kan rollen en ook makkelijk kunt dragen. Eastpak oogt ook heel sportief en clean dus daarom was mijn keuze ook snel gemaakt. Ik vind het zelf ook niet zo aangenaam om een harde koffer mee te nemen op sportieve vakanties. 

dinsdag 18 oktober 2016


The fashionworld invites us to travel east in the collection 2015/2016. Orientals elements everywhere with a western twist. Pronails was inspired and has a new collection 'Rising Sun' for its new autumn winter collection. Lucky me because I could test the color 'Cherry Blossom', that stands for life, love and hope. The perfect fushia with some glitters, perfect to combine with some girly outfits or black and white. The color 'Empire of the sun' is also mine now... think it's nice to have some glittery gold now because I combine it for a night out with my girls. This is the longwear collection, so you have the use the before and after polish so it will last longer. In my opinion it lasts longer so I'm a happy girl because I never wear polish for that reason. To top it off i chose a nice personal effect: the nailsticker from Elfi (and VERY IMPORTANT PIXELS) (--> webshop here). Important is to chose a neutral light color under the sticker. Now Marilyn Monroe is smiling on my nail, and me also smiling with the result.  

You can find the collection from PRONAILS HERE (link).

 De herfst/wintercollectie201/2017 is fan van de Aziatische details. Oosterse elementen met een Westerse twist. ProNails is helemaal mee met fashion en hun nieuwe collectie is 'The Land of the Rising Sun'. Ik testte alvast de kleur 'Chery Blossom' uit, kersenbloesem staat symbool voor leven, liefde en hoop. Deze fushia kleur is echt wel het perfecte Roze met een zacht glittereffect. Ook Empire of the sun heb ik in mijn bezit, ideaal voor een avondje uit. Oriëntaals geelgoud dat straalt als de zon. De mensen die mij kennen weten dat ik absoluut niet vaak nagellak draag. Dit met de reden omdat ik het niet lang genoeg vind houden en dat past niet bij mijn drukke levensstijl. Gelukkig hebben ze hier bij Pronails toch iets voor gevonden: een driestappenplan. Dus voor én na je de nagellak aanbrengt moet je de Longwear aanbregen (twee soort doorzichtige nagellakken). Inderdaad nu houdt mijn nagellak vele langer dan anders. To top it off koos ik voor een leuk effect met de VERY IMPORTANT PIXELS collectie van Elfi (webshop hier). Belangrijk bij het aanbrengen van zo'n nagelsticker is dat je een wit of lichtroze kleur kiest eronder. Marilyn Monroe staat nu te pronken op één van mijn nagels, fun! 

maandag 17 oktober 2016


Restaurant Flâneur in Antwerp offers you a full experience: a nice place downtown with a wonderful (Belgian) spaghetti. We had the chance to go inside and taste all the dishes of the restaurant.. it was possible because they are specialist in Bolognaise: the classic one and the Chunky Ragù, also the Pomô (vegetarian). All the ingredients are Belgian and of course they serve fresh pasta. I was so happy to visit the place, because it was so beautiful. It was so different because it wasn't the typical Italian restaurant you expect when visiting a pasta place. It actually had a French vibe, perfect for the citytrippers or like they say 'Flâneurs': the connaisseurs of the street..and now the spaghetti. The prices are affordable and you had a great time at a beautiful place with the right atmosphere.

maandag 26 september 2016


 Today I was in lier.. the closest city near my village. It is so cozy and has much to offer for food, drinks and fashion. A must visit place that I will probably mention more later on the blog. 
I love this look because it’s so effortlessly transitional. Perfect for a meeting-professional without trying too hard- but then you could head straight out to drinks or dinner.
I'm wearing a leopard skirt here and my favorite YES/NO purse (here). The top is a body from New Look (here) easy to combine also with a high waisted jeans.  Such a fan of my low black boots, think it's my falll basic now with my jeans jacket. Then I invested in a few chokers. I got to admit I'm hooked and I think it looks classy more than 90's.  Mine is from Claire's (here). I wear leopard print like I wear denim -you can dress it up or down, and it goes with everything. So hope you tell me what you think about my look. 

donderdag 22 september 2016


WOA how exciting: out of 300 people my favorite talent Carolien Hofmans is selected as 'online talent' for Flair magazine. She's now one of the 20 competitors and you can make her dream come true by clicking here: (link) and to vote of course. Carolien is an amazing Belgian illustrator with the cutest drawings. You can check her Facebook (here). 

Why vote on her? Well images say more than words. 
Here you have the drawing of our local talent.



woensdag 21 september 2016


On a sunny day we had this amazing idea to do a graffiti shoot at Antwerp Berchem. My friend Jolien did an amazing job and it just went naturally. Fall is coming but that will not stop us to wear bright colors. This neon green skirt was a piece I found at the Refashion days (link here), but I looked up some similar skirts for you. If you go neon/ fluo it's nice to combine it with black pieces. This top is from Guess (link here) and has lovely details. You could go for a simple black top too and combine it with a leather jacket. Or why not with a striped shirt and a jeans jacket. Don't like neon and you still like the look? Just go for a maxi skirt in your favo color or black or even a shorter version. 

maandag 5 september 2016


'My normal day involves surfing - whatever the conditions' - followed by physical training on land," says LucíMARTIÑO "In the winter I surf around five days a week for my basic training, usually between three to four hours a day. Most of those days I surf with my coach, focusing on techniques, strategies and surf fitness. The rest is free surfing." "I also do physical training five days a week, switch-ing between circuits, boxing and other strength/core workouts. And of course I stretch every day." 
She's two-time Spanish Nation Champion and now she's working her way up to the world qualifying series. 
She loves competition and free surfing. Lucia's latest search for perfect waved too her to Lofoten, an island of Norway, famous for good waves. And not to forget the Northern lights... just perfect. 

The waves weren't actually that good while they were there but still they had some really fun surfs. Of course the water was way colder than Spain and even Iceland. The surfing was so different, the people were amazing and they shared some truly out-of-this-world experiences. 

Lucía her leggings are from the newest O'neill collection: 

“I train hard and it’s important for my clothing to handle every movement without making me feel uncomfortable in any way. I wear my leggings to the beach, of course, and even in the water when I’m surfing in summer or when I’m on a warm-water trip.” 

“These O'Neill Surf Leggings are a perfect fit for my lifestyle. They’re stylish, so comfortable and 100% functional for all the activity I do. I can use them ev- ery day of my week, whatever I’m doing and know that they work and they look great.” 

dinsdag 26 juli 2016


Hi there, it has been weeks I know but I was on a internet-detox ;) on surf camp. I can definitely recommend it... no it wasn't planned, just my connection was so bad I was like 'Hey just let it be'. So I will post my Surblend (organization) pictures soon. What I can tell you is.. that it was awesome and my skin looks browner now (these are pictures of 3 weeks ago). Just learned to relax and to enjoy the little moment (so cliché but so true). Now my outfit is quiet simple here, but that's just reality....sometimes you need some casual in your life. Think the midi skirt is a basic to combine with a lot of cropped tops and body's that you see in store nowadays...  Not sure if I'm a body fan.. just buy it if I love the print or quote but I think it's not so practical as it looks like. This palm print is a must-have and I will sure put some links to some similar pieces. These shoes are not joking the best shoes I ever bought: Reeboks (link). Think I even forget wearing them once ;), no I'm kidding but it has been close. CIAO summer kiddo's! 

woensdag 15 juni 2016


Most of my Belgian readers will all know the lovely An-Katrien from the blog teacupsandresses. She is a creative pink soul who loves to mix and match. Now she designed her own fashion line, and it's super nice. Like this funny teacups shirt she gave me. Perfect to mix and match with great shoes, a cute funny bag and a colorful skirt.. don't you think? An-katrien will always have a special place in my heart, she is sweet and kind... and it's not an act. An-katrien her style is kind of cute and funny and she mix it with a bit of feminine fashion touches like heals or lace... you definitely have to follow her! And check out her collection in the teacupsanddresses 'shop'. (link here) She shows us how to think out of the box, very inspiring! GO GO GO An-Katrien, big fan here. 

zondag 5 juni 2016


Life can be a comedy, a 'Midsummer Night's dream' written by Shakespeare or someone else. Full of lies and conflicts but still beautiful with all his mistakes. Sometimes it's good to get lost, so we all can find our way again and go for something new. To get lost you should make time... to wonder and to dream. We got this fairytale forrest in our village that makes we new again. I just love to hang out there and think about life. Here you see my matching look from 'Skiny body wear'.  Skiny has this amazing nude body that you combine with anything and it's perfect to chose under your white clothes too. With the fine microfibers in a slightly darker skin tone, together with gently color-contrasting lace it's perfect for a bit of a bronzed skin. The pants are high waisted but are so comfortable and don't you just love the pattern too? Skiny has the most airy clothes.. you can breath and just be yourself in a feminine look. You can find it in the 'Celebration' collection. 

The idea of the brand Skiny is 'Feel good about yourself, and look good too of course'. No matter what happens, at any time of day and for any occasion. For this, you  need the perfect fit, high-quality materials and trendy design.  Suprising and spontaneous... wherever life takes you. Self-confident and uncomplicated, 24 hours a day. From morning until morning. The clothes are just perfect to wear at any occasion and just a FUN too wear. For any body type. 

woensdag 1 juni 2016


The first time I looked in the ex-Miss Belgium Veronique De Cock her eyes I knew it. I want lashes like this beauty queen. She told me they were lash extensions. And yes I heard of it before but I still didn't had a clue how it worked. Than my friend Jessica The Block (check out Antwerp Avenue) had the most beautiful lashes too... what was her secret? I had to know. 

 THE FIRST beauty bar in Belgium: La plus Belle (link here). Owner Lissa Gooris has magical hands... she turns lashes to curling wonders and makes the most rough eyebrows flawless by shaping and coloring. I'm lucky with my natural shape, but still... the extra touch makes it more elegant and I already have long eyelashes... but now they are curly all the time. And i mean...ALL THE TIME, even when I shower, sport, when I sleep... First I was scared: When do they fall off? Will my lashes get bald (aaa horror)? But honestly after a month they still look fabulous. This is different with everyone, Lissa said I had great DRY lashes...that's what you need to keep it that long. The style is called RUSSIAN VOLUME, so I went pretty glamorous with it. But you can chose your own style: less long, no wing... To keep them in a good shape I only use eyeliner in the weekend and make sure it is waterproof. No mascara..just camb it dry. 

donderdag 5 mei 2016


I was invited in wonderland to hear about the story about 4 creative women with a 'Think Pink' ambition... The women are so different but all have the same taste... pink, flowers and fun in their art. 

donderdag 31 maart 2016


Hi there, you all know I am a big Adidas fan and when I saw this piece I just had to have it. Colorful and with a great print, what more does a girl or guy need, right? This weekend I went to the Clouds of Fashion show, there I got this amazing emerald skirt from their new collection. It was the first time that I sat front row in a fashion show and it sure gave me goosebumps. The founder of the store - Laurentine - is such an inspiration, she just wears what she wants and shares her girly style with the world. There were more than 1800 people at the show, what isn't bad at all for a store that just is around for 2 years. Also she started with a blog, so maybe that's another reason why I feel so connected.  I will write more about her and the show later, because it was beyond amazing. But here you get a sneak peek with my skirt: glitter and feminin, so Laurentine. I wear the skirt a bit higher so can combine it with a shorter top. You can find out the collection here.You can find her store 'Clouds on Fashion' in the Nationalestraat in Antwerp, the famous fashion street over there. 

dinsdag 29 maart 2016


We were invited to the Amsterdam coffee festival to meet the next generation of baristas and watch them create their plant-based coffee of the future. It was amazing to do this with vegan Blogger Cestlissa (link here), who had the chance to finally drink some coffee again. Most events she's forced to drink some this was paradise for sure. I'm not a vegan, but I think that plant-based is the future...and I was curious about the taste too. So I had the chance to compare with other coffees and no kidding: it was delicious and still smooth and creamy. We were honored to meet the amazing barista Nele Joris..who was the only Belgian barista in the Benelux Barista Challenge . She was really sweet and a bit nervous for the challenge...but she was eventually the first runner up! First place was for Anneke Peters from Bagels & Beans in the Netherlands. Nele Joris works at the Bandit Beverage Company in Belgium. Nele about her drink: "A rich and layered re-approach to coffee blending with a nutty guilt-free charactre.  Hot or cold, happiness, top to bottom."

We were so glad that we met so much nice and friendly baristas and people with interesting products. Read more and Scroll down to see more new delicous stuff. 


maandag 21 maart 2016


Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities in the world. I love it brick buildings, open skyline, rich history and most of all... their relaxed easy going attitude towards life. Over the years, I've visited Amsterdam more times than I can count and have spent countless hours walking the city. This time I had the amazing oppertunity to visit the Amsterdam Coffee festival...and I will bring a blogpost soon about that adventure, with my good blogfriend Cestlissa (visit her blog).  

Amsterdam has so much to do that, even after so many visits, I still find new things to do and see. The best tip I can give is: do what the local do. My best Amsterdam experiences were the times that I was visiting for an event and just was wandering around the place. By asking the locals you come to places were you can feel the real Amsterdam vibe, even more important than the famous places. 

donderdag 10 maart 2016


This week is all about Africa, so I thought why not go to the zoo. An excellent idea, but here in Belgium you always have to consider the rain. Nothing beats watching tigers play in the water, staring at the big lions and bears and even toughing girafs (whoohoo, yes I did that). A camera will surely be in your bag, so you want to be sure you're looking good while staying comfy. Here are some reminders, tips and outfit ideas for visiting a zoo. Don't forget to scroll down to see the whole adventure. 

maandag 7 maart 2016


Hi there adventurers, my name is Eline van Gorp, 24 years old and traveling is my fulltime job. As a child I dreamt about discovering and traveling the world, and right now... I'm chasing this dream together with my boyfriend Dieter. I finished my studies as a teacher (there is where I met Leila from this blog) but my heart always was, and still goes out, to exploring new places and so I gave up teaching. I believe you can achieve anything, as long as you believe in it. 
The famous bucket list:
Morocco, Iceland, Thailand, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, London, Budapest and so much more from Europe which I could tick off my bucket list and scratch off my scratch map, but my hunger to travel the world kept on growing and quickly a two week holiday became a two month trip, and three hours in a plane was nothing but a peanut, thirteen hours suddenly was a short flight. 


zaterdag 5 maart 2016


It sucks to realize that something as (seemingly) small as body insecurities have the potential to ruin your whole day. A party you planned is unexpected real close and you don't feel ready to show off your legs yet? Mood ruiner. Got a glimpse at your body from an unflattering angle? Instant vibe-killer. Even the most confident girls (and yes boys) have that one thing about their body that makes them feel less than another, because we all experience insecurites. And while some are valid, other need to be stopped. 

And while I don't think you have to spend every walking moment loving yourself the way Kanye West loves himself, I do think you need to make an effort te get over your body insecurities, especially certain common ones that just don't make sense. 

Your insecurities will be present at every weight, body shape, and age in your life (don't tell me about it... it's always there). Certain insecurities need to be embraced so that you can move on, and other need to dissapear complety. I selected a few... that have to stop. Share your thoughts about these 8 body insecurities maybe you know other ones too? 

donderdag 3 maart 2016


YES, a new pop-up shop in Antwerp, about SURF. First let me tell you about my surf experiences. I was immediatley hooked since my trip in 2003 with surfblend. I went back 2 times and I learned that surfing is hard and you don't get your results so easy... I only know the basics but It's really fun to just try and be part of the group.  I'm so excited that I'm going to join the SURFBLEND Juli crew this year in their junior camp in LOREDO (Spain) --> visit their site here
But why I love surfing again? 


zaterdag 20 februari 2016


This week was COLOMBIAN week on the blog and on my social media. One of my good friends 'Laïla' (we share almost the same name) is there to do some voluntary work in a school. She lives now in the colorful Cartagena (you can read here why you should visit that place).  I was totally inspired by her story and wanted to create a look that matches the place.  
In Cartagena "Las Palenqueras" are very famous. These ladies are the famous fruit vendors dressed in vibrant colors. They always will have a fresh piece of fruit for you - carrying different tropical fruits in a bowl on their head. What I learned is that they are a symbol of freedom. Las Palenqueras represent the difficulties and struggles of the black CIMARRONES - slaves who escaped from their so called 'owners' in search of a better future. Today they still carry African traditions and customs keeping their heritage alive. Las Palenqueras are from the city of San Basilio De Palenque which is one hour away from Cartagena. These women are the strong empowering symbol of freedom. 
--> This is what I learned from a must see travel blog about these ladies... a must read (here). 


maandag 15 februari 2016


Hi I'm Laïla (yes almost the same name as Liliroxx' Leila), 22 years old and I live currently in Cartagena, Colombia. I studied multilingual communication (French and Spanish)  and I’ve always had a connection with Latin-America.  After graduation and working for  6 months I needed a break and I decided to travel to Colombia, the country of salsa. I actually met Leila during one of our salsa-evenings in Belgium, which are once in a month. Luckily in Colombia I have the chance to dance every night. 


zondag 7 februari 2016


One of the best speeches I ever heard was from DOMINIQUE PERSOONE. We were invited to his chocolate factory: 'The Chocolate line' in Bruges. Here he talked about his creativity and that you should always be yourself.

An example: Dominique made for MICK Jagger's birthday the craziest object: 'the chocolate shooter': this delicious invention is chocolate powder and that has to go through the nose, a new way to absorb all the aromas. Another prove is that he creates a lot of new chocolate flavours like wild mushrooms or octopus (what?).. name it and he mixes it..  I tasted a lot of great inventions like tequila shots with chocolate and the asian praline and yes Dominique does it.. it's great,  refreshing and new.

woensdag 3 februari 2016


 The marble trend continues... what a beautiful home and FLOOR! Got inspired and matched it with a  marble shirt from LE TEMPS DE CERISES. Why marble? It's simple and pure and gives your outfit a pretty cool effect in a second. A rather luxury item is now a trendy object and many designers have gotten inspired and come up with.. sometimes most unexpected objects. Even in the fashion industry we observed the marble print in street style garments. 
  Thought it was nice to show you a more tough street style look with it.. that's why I chose the purse from Replay with studs. I chose a white large sweater.. vintage (from my mom) to make 
the look more  me. The black Nikes are one of my best friends. 
MORE MARBLE? Totally go check out my other look (here).
Hope you like it? 

vrijdag 29 januari 2016


Bumble & Bumble - Full Potential

For those of you who don’t already know Bumble and Bumble, let me give you the quickest of hair-story lessons. They began as a New York salon in 1977, where they styled their way with a legendary team, strong design, and of course... a line of great products. Boom!
Their recent launch is called: 'hair Potential' and they developed it for anyone who wants fuller, stronger hair (think: hair breaks or thinning).  The Booster Spray acts like a liquid bandage to help reduce hair loss due to breakage by up to 46%.

donderdag 28 januari 2016


Tonight is X-mas and I'm doing some last shopping in the city LIER. Here I'm showing you my favorite casual outfit of this month. Camel coats only a fall? I don't think so, it's my winter essential since Belgium isn't that cold anymore. A white woolen turtle neck sweater is also one of the best basics this season: easy to match and perfect for many occasions: I'm wearing it everywhere (work, friends, blog events, family,..) . My  newest woolen headband is so matching. I'm so happy with how my newest Lee jeans matches the new brown leather boots from Wolky (link here). The shoes are really comfortable too and toughens up the look. My bag is my personal tough.. a leopard detail. Now I'm moving on 'cause it's time to set the table for a lovely diner in our new home for my mom, dad and family friends. Hope your X-mas (and holidays) are going to be  cozy and fun. 
Scroll down for more info about the look. 
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