zaterdag 20 februari 2016


This week was COLOMBIAN week on the blog and on my social media. One of my good friends 'Laïla' (we share almost the same name) is there to do some voluntary work in a school. She lives now in the colorful Cartagena (you can read here why you should visit that place).  I was totally inspired by her story and wanted to create a look that matches the place.  
In Cartagena "Las Palenqueras" are very famous. These ladies are the famous fruit vendors dressed in vibrant colors. They always will have a fresh piece of fruit for you - carrying different tropical fruits in a bowl on their head. What I learned is that they are a symbol of freedom. Las Palenqueras represent the difficulties and struggles of the black CIMARRONES - slaves who escaped from their so called 'owners' in search of a better future. Today they still carry African traditions and customs keeping their heritage alive. Las Palenqueras are from the city of San Basilio De Palenque which is one hour away from Cartagena. These women are the strong empowering symbol of freedom. 
--> This is what I learned from a must see travel blog about these ladies... a must read (here). 

They are not shy to mix.. so this was absolutely a challenge to me. I chose a green jacket of Essentiel(link) Belgium to brighten up the look. My new hand-made clutch from Yerse (link). My orange cropped top from H&M and my high mommie pants (such a must-have for this summer). Than my Flossy shoes (link). I had them from last summer but didn't found the right occasion to wear them. You should definitely check out that brand for other designs and colors. Than this was also the right time to show off my new headband (Sandro Ferrone Maastricht), it was a real search to find a good one. I think this was just the right pop of red, don't you think? Share your thoughts about this look and let me know if you want to see more 'travel-inspired' looks or not. 

Greets from... you'll never believe it.. just Belgium!


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  1. Wowwww! I love colors Lili, your outfit it's cool. Xxxxx

  2. Wowwww! I love colors Lili, your outfit it's cool. Xxxxx

  3. oh wauw, ik word helemaal vrolijk van deze outfit! Super leuk!

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows


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