zondag 7 februari 2016


One of the best speeches I ever heard was from DOMINIQUE PERSOONE. We were invited to his chocolate factory: 'The Chocolate line' in Bruges. Here he talked about his creativity and that you should always be yourself.

An example: Dominique made for MICK Jagger's birthday the craziest object: 'the chocolate shooter': this delicious invention is chocolate powder and that has to go through the nose, a new way to absorb all the aromas. Another prove is that he creates a lot of new chocolate flavours like wild mushrooms or octopus (what?).. name it and he mixes it..  I tasted a lot of great inventions like tequila shots with chocolate and the asian praline and yes Dominique does it.. it's great,  refreshing and new.

Another great story he told was that he also had a project with a tattoo maker and the brother from Amy Winehouse... they made a chocolate box with a lot of pretty tattoo drawings and the earnings went to the Amy Winehouse foundation. Dominique shows us that you always have to trust your gut.. that that is what makes you happy even though that doesnt always makes you rich. 

To jump out of his comfort zone Dominique traveled from Marrakesh to Japan. Domnique managed to pair Japananese wasabi with bitter ganache and marzipan... curious? Trhy the 'Green Tokyo'.

When Dominique speaks of the world of chocolate, you absorb his words as easy as a delicious piece of chocolate. His creative thinking makes Dominique one of the leaders in his field.

Be more like Dominique.. try new things and combine the things you love (also when it doesn't match at first sight.)

Want to try some of the chocolate? Dominique works together with ALBERT HEIJN, so def. check that out.

The speech: 'THE CHEMISTRY OF CHOCOLATE' you can find here.

 I want to thank Dominique Persoone and Albert Hein for this experience.. I really was so happy with tasting all of these flavors and I would definitely recommend trying out his ART. Trying new things can make you happy... and if it's with chocolate it never can go wrong. 

JUST YENTL and TEACUPSANDDRESSES were there! (from Pink ambition.. check out their blogs too)

 Me making some real chocolate milk (without milk and great chocolate from Dominique)

The crew!


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