donderdag 31 maart 2016


Hi there, you all know I am a big Adidas fan and when I saw this piece I just had to have it. Colorful and with a great print, what more does a girl or guy need, right? This weekend I went to the Clouds of Fashion show, there I got this amazing emerald skirt from their new collection. It was the first time that I sat front row in a fashion show and it sure gave me goosebumps. The founder of the store - Laurentine - is such an inspiration, she just wears what she wants and shares her girly style with the world. There were more than 1800 people at the show, what isn't bad at all for a store that just is around for 2 years. Also she started with a blog, so maybe that's another reason why I feel so connected.  I will write more about her and the show later, because it was beyond amazing. But here you get a sneak peek with my skirt: glitter and feminin, so Laurentine. I wear the skirt a bit higher so can combine it with a shorter top. You can find out the collection here.You can find her store 'Clouds on Fashion' in the Nationalestraat in Antwerp, the famous fashion street over there. 

dinsdag 29 maart 2016


We were invited to the Amsterdam coffee festival to meet the next generation of baristas and watch them create their plant-based coffee of the future. It was amazing to do this with vegan Blogger Cestlissa (link here), who had the chance to finally drink some coffee again. Most events she's forced to drink some this was paradise for sure. I'm not a vegan, but I think that plant-based is the future...and I was curious about the taste too. So I had the chance to compare with other coffees and no kidding: it was delicious and still smooth and creamy. We were honored to meet the amazing barista Nele Joris..who was the only Belgian barista in the Benelux Barista Challenge . She was really sweet and a bit nervous for the challenge...but she was eventually the first runner up! First place was for Anneke Peters from Bagels & Beans in the Netherlands. Nele Joris works at the Bandit Beverage Company in Belgium. Nele about her drink: "A rich and layered re-approach to coffee blending with a nutty guilt-free charactre.  Hot or cold, happiness, top to bottom."

We were so glad that we met so much nice and friendly baristas and people with interesting products. Read more and Scroll down to see more new delicous stuff. 


maandag 21 maart 2016


Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities in the world. I love it brick buildings, open skyline, rich history and most of all... their relaxed easy going attitude towards life. Over the years, I've visited Amsterdam more times than I can count and have spent countless hours walking the city. This time I had the amazing oppertunity to visit the Amsterdam Coffee festival...and I will bring a blogpost soon about that adventure, with my good blogfriend Cestlissa (visit her blog).  

Amsterdam has so much to do that, even after so many visits, I still find new things to do and see. The best tip I can give is: do what the local do. My best Amsterdam experiences were the times that I was visiting for an event and just was wandering around the place. By asking the locals you come to places were you can feel the real Amsterdam vibe, even more important than the famous places. 

donderdag 10 maart 2016


This week is all about Africa, so I thought why not go to the zoo. An excellent idea, but here in Belgium you always have to consider the rain. Nothing beats watching tigers play in the water, staring at the big lions and bears and even toughing girafs (whoohoo, yes I did that). A camera will surely be in your bag, so you want to be sure you're looking good while staying comfy. Here are some reminders, tips and outfit ideas for visiting a zoo. Don't forget to scroll down to see the whole adventure. 

maandag 7 maart 2016


Hi there adventurers, my name is Eline van Gorp, 24 years old and traveling is my fulltime job. As a child I dreamt about discovering and traveling the world, and right now... I'm chasing this dream together with my boyfriend Dieter. I finished my studies as a teacher (there is where I met Leila from this blog) but my heart always was, and still goes out, to exploring new places and so I gave up teaching. I believe you can achieve anything, as long as you believe in it. 
The famous bucket list:
Morocco, Iceland, Thailand, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, London, Budapest and so much more from Europe which I could tick off my bucket list and scratch off my scratch map, but my hunger to travel the world kept on growing and quickly a two week holiday became a two month trip, and three hours in a plane was nothing but a peanut, thirteen hours suddenly was a short flight. 


zaterdag 5 maart 2016


It sucks to realize that something as (seemingly) small as body insecurities have the potential to ruin your whole day. A party you planned is unexpected real close and you don't feel ready to show off your legs yet? Mood ruiner. Got a glimpse at your body from an unflattering angle? Instant vibe-killer. Even the most confident girls (and yes boys) have that one thing about their body that makes them feel less than another, because we all experience insecurites. And while some are valid, other need to be stopped. 

And while I don't think you have to spend every walking moment loving yourself the way Kanye West loves himself, I do think you need to make an effort te get over your body insecurities, especially certain common ones that just don't make sense. 

Your insecurities will be present at every weight, body shape, and age in your life (don't tell me about it... it's always there). Certain insecurities need to be embraced so that you can move on, and other need to dissapear complety. I selected a few... that have to stop. Share your thoughts about these 8 body insecurities maybe you know other ones too? 

donderdag 3 maart 2016


YES, a new pop-up shop in Antwerp, about SURF. First let me tell you about my surf experiences. I was immediatley hooked since my trip in 2003 with surfblend. I went back 2 times and I learned that surfing is hard and you don't get your results so easy... I only know the basics but It's really fun to just try and be part of the group.  I'm so excited that I'm going to join the SURFBLEND Juli crew this year in their junior camp in LOREDO (Spain) --> visit their site here
But why I love surfing again? 

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