donderdag 10 maart 2016


This week is all about Africa, so I thought why not go to the zoo. An excellent idea, but here in Belgium you always have to consider the rain. Nothing beats watching tigers play in the water, staring at the big lions and bears and even toughing girafs (whoohoo, yes I did that). A camera will surely be in your bag, so you want to be sure you're looking good while staying comfy. Here are some reminders, tips and outfit ideas for visiting a zoo. Don't forget to scroll down to see the whole adventure. 

What to wear if you go to the Zoo? 
* Comfy shoes - After a full day at the zoo, your feet will be really tired. With that kind of walking, no one wants to deal with blisters. Just go for sneakers. I chose for comfy shoes with an animal print, to be in theme of course :D. In better days you can always go for fancy sandals too. 
* A hat - just because it gives you the adventure look and it's great for rainy days and the sunny! 
* Chose for natural tones like camel / olive tints..
*Handbag: to have your money close. I chose a faux fur black and white animal print. Faux fur is hot!

* Backpack: just easy for your camera and 
*Camera: There are endless picture opportunities at the zoo - you won't want to miss them! Be sure to bring your trusty iPhone or fancier camera and snap away. 
General zoo visit tips:

* The earlier the better
*Bring your student ID
*Check the calendar before going.. Many zoos host events, whether it is a walk to raise money or lending out their conference rooms for other organizations. These types of events will result in large crowds, so make sure you double check. We had a running event going on. 


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