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It sucks to realize that something as (seemingly) small as body insecurities have the potential to ruin your whole day. A party you planned is unexpected real close and you don't feel ready to show off your legs yet? Mood ruiner. Got a glimpse at your body from an unflattering angle? Instant vibe-killer. Even the most confident girls (and yes boys) have that one thing about their body that makes them feel less than another, because we all experience insecurites. And while some are valid, other need to be stopped. 

And while I don't think you have to spend every walking moment loving yourself the way Kanye West loves himself, I do think you need to make an effort te get over your body insecurities, especially certain common ones that just don't make sense. 

Your insecurities will be present at every weight, body shape, and age in your life (don't tell me about it... it's always there). Certain insecurities need to be embraced so that you can move on, and other need to dissapear complety. I selected a few... that have to stop. Share your thoughts about these 8 body insecurities maybe you know other ones too? 


1) your stomach roles when you sit. 

This is just your body functioning in working order. Having a sit-roll is so common' and okay, so don't feel weird if you get one. 

2) your front cam double chin:

We all know the horror of the front camera turning on... selfie mode, accedentally. No one looks good from that angle. The camera can be deceptive. No one looks good from every angle and probably everybody got an untagged picture of them on FACEBOOK with a double chin or worse. 

3) your shoe size
We're taught as a young woman that a girl has to be small. "Small equals pretty". We feel that we're not suppose to have big feet..or big in any way. There is no shame in having bigger feet than your friends. The size of your bones is one of the least personal thing about you.. so why take it personal? Love your feet... they are yours. 

4) your cellulite
Just like everyone goes to the toilet, everyone has cellulite... even boys. You may see it better when you sit or in certain outfits... but it's always there. We all have it in some degree... so don't overreact. 

5) uneven breast size 
Boobs actually never stop growing (what?). If you're feeling weird about it, relax. They will be growing (or shrinking) more even over time. You're probably the only one who knows your body that well and with all that details.. let it go! Nobody will notice. Oh.. also a thing that boys can be insecure about: their chest. 

Chantelle Brown-Young:
6) your skin color
What I found horryfing is: bleach cream. Common' be happy about your skin color, there isn't a pretty color. I don't believe in that. There are just a lot of pretty people in different skin colors. Accept yours. 

7) bouncy body parts
Even the fittest persons at the gym have jiggly arms when they sport. It's just normal. If you have a body, it's going to jiggle. Some jiggle more than others, that's true, but it's nothing to be hung up about. 

8) teeth or braces
Teeth are such a personal thing.. but you know what? So is joy! I know some people who cover up their teeth when they smile.. and that's not a way of life. 
My teeth are a bit more yellow from being sick for a couple months and I just feel less happy to show them. I will try to find a way to make them more white again, but in meanwhile... I smile! 'Cause life is short and we have to. 

And this is exactly why we love her. | 21 Amazing Emma Watson Quotes That Every Girl Should Live Their Life By:

The total picture, so you can see it's my shirt haha:

Thanks for reading, hope you feel better after reading this. Please share. 


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  1. That jiggly arms are true! My arms jiggly though haha. Nice post xo


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