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Hi there adventurers, my name is Eline van Gorp, 24 years old and traveling is my fulltime job. As a child I dreamt about discovering and traveling the world, and right now... I'm chasing this dream together with my boyfriend Dieter. I finished my studies as a teacher (there is where I met Leila from this blog) but my heart always was, and still goes out, to exploring new places and so I gave up teaching. I believe you can achieve anything, as long as you believe in it. 
The famous bucket list:
Morocco, Iceland, Thailand, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, London, Budapest and so much more from Europe which I could tick off my bucket list and scratch off my scratch map, but my hunger to travel the world kept on growing and quickly a two week holiday became a two month trip, and three hours in a plane was nothing but a peanut, thirteen hours suddenly was a short flight. 

The next chapter: Home, far away from home
47 days exploring the Southern part of Africa. 
A lot of questions we had: 
- How do we do this? 
a- How much money do we need? 
- What vaccinations are necessary? 
- What about your own safety and environment in Africa? 
So  many questions we didn't know all the answers to but the puzzle slowly fell together. After a couple of months fulltime nights shifts of work, some vaccinations later and many Lonely Planet books richer, we could finally go on our adventure! Did we have good stress and doubts if we could actually do this? FOR SURE! But we believed, we believed we could do this and that's what made our goal achievable. 
South Africa: Cape Town, Kruger National Park and Biltong
Our second home! A bit like Europe but than just that little bit more of sun, mountains, smells and colors. Who doesn't love trendy coffee bars, sushi restaurants, markets, hospitable people, Flemish notes, Biltong, Koeksisters, Milktart and so much more culture that Cape Town just breaths. 

Namibia: dunes, burning sun, canyons and the milky way.

Botswana: Chobe National park & Okavango Delta


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