dinsdag 29 maart 2016


We were invited to the Amsterdam coffee festival to meet the next generation of baristas and watch them create their plant-based coffee of the future. It was amazing to do this with vegan Blogger Cestlissa (link here), who had the chance to finally drink some coffee again. Most events she's forced to drink some tea...so this was paradise for sure. I'm not a vegan, but I think that plant-based is the future...and I was curious about the taste too. So I had the chance to compare with other coffees and no kidding: it was delicious and still smooth and creamy. We were honored to meet the amazing barista Nele Joris..who was the only Belgian barista in the Benelux Barista Challenge . She was really sweet and a bit nervous for the challenge...but she was eventually the first runner up! First place was for Anneke Peters from Bagels & Beans in the Netherlands. Nele Joris works at the Bandit Beverage Company in Belgium. Nele about her drink: "A rich and layered re-approach to coffee blending with a nutty guilt-free charactre.  Hot or cold, happiness, top to bottom."

We were so glad that we met so much nice and friendly baristas and people with interesting products. Read more and Scroll down to see more new delicous stuff. 

I actually draw on this board haha... find me ;) (and CESTLISSA)

Plant-based coffee with Alpro soya.

A nice suprise: BIO BIRK (yes the tree)  DRINK from the brand 'drink no evil'. And no trees are really hurt for this... a good reason to plant even more trees. 

BIO energy drink "Acáo". 

A nice suprise on the event: 'Bikkels': flavored bolls to take in your mouth before you drink coffee or tea. Important here: don't bite!

This image is just so me.. a aloha truck with lots of coconut flavors. 

Me and my blogbabe: Cestlissa!

The event was in WESTERGASFABRIEK in AMSTERDAM. Amsterdam is a few hours away from where I live (Belgium), but I come there often because it's the city of my dreams. A lot of friendly people and cozy places to eat. Just stay away from the touristic places, check out some events and ask the locals for places to eat or to do. 

Greets Leila (LILIROXX)

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