donderdag 5 mei 2016


I was invited in wonderland to hear about the story about 4 creative women with a 'Think Pink' ambition... The women are so different but all have the same taste... pink, flowers and fun in their art. 

Au petit Froefroe (Sarah Cornelis) is a young hairdresser with her own unique style. She has a little hair salon (I'm going to show you guys the location later in another post) where she offers her clients good hair, with a good talk, lovely bio hair products and delicious cake and tea (did I mention...wonderland?). Also she is a 'THINK PINK' hairdresser ... so she can officially donate the hair to the woman cancer organization and than she gives you a free fresh new haircut.  (here her site)

Than we got her lovely mother who is one of the most creative women I saw. She has her own Bed and breakfast in Pulderbos ('t Withofke) and Antwerp. Where she created a world full of joy and expression. The woman loves flowers and antique and knows how to combine it. She dares to be different... and that's why you should visit the place "'t Fleurig nestje'. Also she does workshops like making these awesome 'Welcome' signs or 'Think Pink'-hearts.. you can come to the THINK PINK day 6-7-8 May in PULDERBOS to make some for a Think pink gift of your choice. 

 Carolien Hofmans is a creative soul with the CUTEST illustrations. 
Go check her out. Check her instagram @hofmanscarolien (here)

'Louise' is the cutest shop I know. Shari from 'Louise shop' is very kind and knows how to combine the clothes with a vintage twist from her store. A must see in Herentals (Zandstraat) or on-line (here). 

 Like I said... wonderland.

The 4 creative women have their own style to be positive and if you want a taste of that you should definitely come to the 'THINK PINK'-day in PULDERBOS on 6-7-8 May. You can do workshops there with 't Fleurig nestje , you can do your hair by 'au petit Froe Froe', buy some illustrations, see a fashionshow and buy some clothes...So a happy pink gathering and all for a good cause. 


't Withofke 
Dorp 16


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  1. Wat een goed initiatief! <3 daar houden wij van :)
    groetjes! Nikki


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