zondag 5 juni 2016


Life can be a comedy, a 'Midsummer Night's dream' written by Shakespeare or someone else. Full of lies and conflicts but still beautiful with all his mistakes. Sometimes it's good to get lost, so we all can find our way again and go for something new. To get lost you should make time... to wonder and to dream. We got this fairytale forrest in our village that makes we new again. I just love to hang out there and think about life. Here you see my matching look from 'Skiny body wear'.  Skiny has this amazing nude body that you combine with anything and it's perfect to chose under your white clothes too. With the fine microfibers in a slightly darker skin tone, together with gently color-contrasting lace it's perfect for a bit of a bronzed skin. The pants are high waisted but are so comfortable and don't you just love the pattern too? Skiny has the most airy clothes.. you can breath and just be yourself in a feminine look. You can find it in the 'Celebration' collection. 

The idea of the brand Skiny is 'Feel good about yourself, and look good too of course'. No matter what happens, at any time of day and for any occasion. For this, you  need the perfect fit, high-quality materials and trendy design.  Suprising and spontaneous... wherever life takes you. Self-confident and uncomplicated, 24 hours a day. From morning until morning. The clothes are just perfect to wear at any occasion and just a FUN too wear. For any body type. 


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