woensdag 15 juni 2016


Most of my Belgian readers will all know the lovely An-Katrien from the blog teacupsandresses. She is a creative pink soul who loves to mix and match. Now she designed her own fashion line, and it's super nice. Like this funny teacups shirt she gave me. Perfect to mix and match with great shoes, a cute funny bag and a colorful skirt.. don't you think? An-katrien will always have a special place in my heart, she is sweet and kind... and it's not an act. An-katrien her style is kind of cute and funny and she mix it with a bit of feminine fashion touches like heals or lace... you definitely have to follow her! And check out her collection in the teacupsanddresses 'shop'. (link here) She shows us how to think out of the box, very inspiring! GO GO GO An-Katrien, big fan here. 


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