dinsdag 26 juli 2016


Hi there, it has been weeks I know but I was on a internet-detox ;) on surf camp. I can definitely recommend it... no it wasn't planned, just my connection was so bad I was like 'Hey just let it be'. So I will post my Surblend (organization) pictures soon. What I can tell you is.. that it was awesome and my skin looks browner now (these are pictures of 3 weeks ago). Just learned to relax and to enjoy the little moment (so cliché but so true). Now my outfit is quiet simple here, but that's just reality....sometimes you need some casual in your life. Think the midi skirt is a basic to combine with a lot of cropped tops and body's that you see in store nowadays...  Not sure if I'm a body fan.. just buy it if I love the print or quote but I think it's not so practical as it looks like. This palm print is a must-have and I will sure put some links to some similar pieces. These shoes are not joking the best shoes I ever bought: Reeboks (link). Think I even forget wearing them once ;), no I'm kidding but it has been close. CIAO summer kiddo's! 

 Palm trend on BOOHOO (link)


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  1. casual maar een perfecte combo!
    ik ben alvast benieuwd naar de foto's



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