maandag 26 september 2016


 Today I was in lier.. the closest city near my village. It is so cozy and has much to offer for food, drinks and fashion. A must visit place that I will probably mention more later on the blog. 
I love this look because it’s so effortlessly transitional. Perfect for a meeting-professional without trying too hard- but then you could head straight out to drinks or dinner.
I'm wearing a leopard skirt here and my favorite YES/NO purse (here). The top is a body from New Look (here) easy to combine also with a high waisted jeans.  Such a fan of my low black boots, think it's my falll basic now with my jeans jacket. Then I invested in a few chokers. I got to admit I'm hooked and I think it looks classy more than 90's.  Mine is from Claire's (here). I wear leopard print like I wear denim -you can dress it up or down, and it goes with everything. So hope you tell me what you think about my look. 

donderdag 22 september 2016


WOA how exciting: out of 300 people my favorite talent Carolien Hofmans is selected as 'online talent' for Flair magazine. She's now one of the 20 competitors and you can make her dream come true by clicking here: (link) and to vote of course. Carolien is an amazing Belgian illustrator with the cutest drawings. You can check her Facebook (here). 

Why vote on her? Well images say more than words. 
Here you have the drawing of our local talent.



woensdag 21 september 2016


On a sunny day we had this amazing idea to do a graffiti shoot at Antwerp Berchem. My friend Jolien did an amazing job and it just went naturally. Fall is coming but that will not stop us to wear bright colors. This neon green skirt was a piece I found at the Refashion days (link here), but I looked up some similar skirts for you. If you go neon/ fluo it's nice to combine it with black pieces. This top is from Guess (link here) and has lovely details. You could go for a simple black top too and combine it with a leather jacket. Or why not with a striped shirt and a jeans jacket. Don't like neon and you still like the look? Just go for a maxi skirt in your favo color or black or even a shorter version. 

maandag 5 september 2016


'My normal day involves surfing - whatever the conditions' - followed by physical training on land," says LucíMARTIÑO "In the winter I surf around five days a week for my basic training, usually between three to four hours a day. Most of those days I surf with my coach, focusing on techniques, strategies and surf fitness. The rest is free surfing." "I also do physical training five days a week, switch-ing between circuits, boxing and other strength/core workouts. And of course I stretch every day." 
She's two-time Spanish Nation Champion and now she's working her way up to the world qualifying series. 
She loves competition and free surfing. Lucia's latest search for perfect waved too her to Lofoten, an island of Norway, famous for good waves. And not to forget the Northern lights... just perfect. 

The waves weren't actually that good while they were there but still they had some really fun surfs. Of course the water was way colder than Spain and even Iceland. The surfing was so different, the people were amazing and they shared some truly out-of-this-world experiences. 

Lucía her leggings are from the newest O'neill collection: 

“I train hard and it’s important for my clothing to handle every movement without making me feel uncomfortable in any way. I wear my leggings to the beach, of course, and even in the water when I’m surfing in summer or when I’m on a warm-water trip.” 

“These O'Neill Surf Leggings are a perfect fit for my lifestyle. They’re stylish, so comfortable and 100% functional for all the activity I do. I can use them ev- ery day of my week, whatever I’m doing and know that they work and they look great.” 
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