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'My normal day involves surfing - whatever the conditions' - followed by physical training on land," says LucíMARTIÑO "In the winter I surf around five days a week for my basic training, usually between three to four hours a day. Most of those days I surf with my coach, focusing on techniques, strategies and surf fitness. The rest is free surfing." "I also do physical training five days a week, switch-ing between circuits, boxing and other strength/core workouts. And of course I stretch every day." 
She's two-time Spanish Nation Champion and now she's working her way up to the world qualifying series. 
She loves competition and free surfing. Lucia's latest search for perfect waved too her to Lofoten, an island of Norway, famous for good waves. And not to forget the Northern lights... just perfect. 

The waves weren't actually that good while they were there but still they had some really fun surfs. Of course the water was way colder than Spain and even Iceland. The surfing was so different, the people were amazing and they shared some truly out-of-this-world experiences. 

Lucía her leggings are from the newest O'neill collection: 

“I train hard and it’s important for my clothing to handle every movement without making me feel uncomfortable in any way. I wear my leggings to the beach, of course, and even in the water when I’m surfing in summer or when I’m on a warm-water trip.” 

“These O'Neill Surf Leggings are a perfect fit for my lifestyle. They’re stylish, so comfortable and 100% functional for all the activity I do. I can use them ev- ery day of my week, whatever I’m doing and know that they work and they look great.” 

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