dinsdag 11 april 2017


Recently moved to Lier, to live on my own. On a beautiful shopping day I met this awesome lady: 'Jessie' from Jess Fashion Store.: same age (oh yes I turn 27 next week) and same sense of style. She thought it would be awesome to style me for the blog. I was surprised with the look, because I would never choose something that loose to wear for myself. The rule is: loose clothing make you look larger..right? But where's the fun in that? Jessie had a awesome vision: do you like the piece? Yes, well than you should wear it...simple as that!
She made the outfit a bit street and edgy with the hat and the choker and there it was: my new look. I was so comfortable wearing it, still it was a bit awkward: first moment that my legs were out after winter, so next time I would probably go for stockings. But I was so convinced  that I bought the whole outfit! Jessie has this amazing style and know how to style people on a positive way. You have to come to the Spring event this friday (April,14). Jess Fashion store a bit too far for you? No worries she has a wonderful webstore (here). Follow this chick also on Instagram (here), because she looks amazing and has an awesome feed. So I learned something new today.. paying attention to proportion is key but still you have to wear what you like. 


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  1. Super leuke outfit!
    Zo'n oversized sweater is altijd cool

    Polished Cats


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