woensdag 4 april 2018


Blogging is all about sharing happy moments, nice weather and cool locations. I did my best to share differents styles and looks with you guys... even after a big break-up, moving and sickness I shared a big smile on the internet...for almost 4 years. But when my father died something snapped. It was too hard to play an act.. I had to focus on my family, friends, job as a teacher (my kids in class) and myself. So I've hit the snooze button: no posts and my Instagram account went private. Step by step I'm ready to share some parts of my life with you guys. 

Therefore I chose for this post I bright energenic - orange - sweater from H&M, stars to shine from Zara and a bright case from ANTWERP AVENUE. Antwerp Avenue is a brand from my favorite powerwoman: JESSICA THE BLOCK. She is a true feminist... someone I can relate to. She isn't only an ambitious enterpreneur..she's also a great DESIGNER/ARTIST. 
Big love for her... as a friend and also blogger. You can find the brand on-line and also in Antwerp Stadsfeestzaal in a tech candy machine! 

Her brand is featured in all these magazines:
Antwerp Avenue


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